Guardfish Trails K Part 1

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We were on bearing of at 7 nm away from 50 Japanese seiners. Sonar officer Capt 3 rank Vasily Voronin reported that depth finder was out of service. Navigator determined position by sun and Loran A and C. First, if it was worth breaking radio silence to report sighting three or maybe even four Soviet submarines. The first task during submarine surveillance operations is to report unusual Soviet vessel deployments as soon as possible after recognition. Those types of reports are known as "critics", and although one had not been sent before, I decided that this was one of those times when Guardfish should break radio silence and inform the CinC about the situation.

Second, should Guardfish break off from its surveillance mission and trail the Soviet boat. The orders were silent on this issue. But it occurred to me that the CinC would want to know wh ere the Soviets were going. Cloudage 10, visibility miles, sea state We approached the Korea Strait, 15 miles left to Okinoshima Island. We systematically localized by depth finder.

Executive officer Capt 3 rank Leonid Shaipov reported on defects found during watch inspection and told his suggestions to eliminate those problems. In order to remain undetected, the boat must determine the position, speed and course of the contact by means of passive sonar. Estimation of range by passive sonar demanded from Guardfish constant maneuvering in order to get changing bearings to the contact. Too close and they can detect you, too far and contact can be lost. These maneuvers usually took place in the baffles, the dead zone behind the stern.

Just about hourly the Echo II turned around to listen to this zone. From time to time it was a passive turn 90 degrees so that their sonar could hear everything that was behind her, and sometimes it was pretty aggressive, turning degrees and reversing course, heading directly at Guardfish. This was a very dangerous maneuver and risked collision.

When the distance between us shrank, the Echo II had a real chance of detecting Guardfish. Each time the Echo II performed a baffles clear, Guardfish had to guess which way she was turning so that Guardfish could follow her from the opposite side. Additionally, Guardfish quickly slowed while trying to maintain silence so that the Echo II had enough time and distance to come about on her previous course".

We entered the Philippine Sea. Then came a message assigning Zone One to us at approaches to the Gulf of Tonkin. Our companions from K were told to occupy the shoaly Zone Two. We were told to be prepared for use of conventional weapons on command and for self-defense. That night we received a piece of political information: Pretty "important" information for a submarine. Это животное и не предполагало, что человек отведет ему роль определителя лжи и правды.

Процедура проверки заключалась в следующем: Если осел закричит — значит, обследуемый виновен. Так же шаманы во время ритуального танца при определении виновного, тщательно обнюхивали подозреваемых и делали вывод по интенсивности запаха пота. Для этого обвиняемый доставал из кипящего сосуда кольцо или брал в руку раскаленное железо. Доказательством невиновности было отсутствие через три дня язвы от ожога. Еще один метод заключался в проявлении тремора.

Подозревае мому давали в руки очень хрупкое яйцо птицы и проводили допрос на предмет совершения им противоправного действия. Skylar learned to take care of things and deal with problems and just put her head down and get through things. So we came straight out the back door and went to our dressing room. We were able to go for a shower and everything, and at least start some foreplay before going back in. The crest of Wi-Fi waves are understood by a computer as a 1. The troughs are equivalent to a 0.

Ultimately, these chains of 1s and 0s form an intricate pattern that is then translated into the letters, numbers, and codes that make up websites. With fantastic tenacity James has steered the company through some very challenging economic times, beating multinationals at their own game and transforming the industry. Because I am psychic — did I not mention that? I thought it went without saying. Horton were each up more than 7-percent.

A typical new plant, without CCS technology, emits about 1, pounds. In the initial proposal, the agency proposed a limit of 1, pounds. Elkann was speaking tojournalists on the sidelines of a conference in Milan. The network receives 2. FAMU , which suffered its worst loss ever, trailed before picking up its initial first down in the second quarter. The Dow Jonesindustrial average slipped 0.

Often seen swinging from the arms of the fashion elite and A-list stars, the Falabella is both edgy and glamorous. Bonds was playing under clouds of PED suspicion, but was featured in Fox promos leading up to the game. The rate could be asmuch as 45 percent more in Seattle or as low as 20 percent morein Baltimore.

The wife of an auto-rickshaw driver with three daughters of her own, she had to live in a hostel for nine months with 60 other surrogates so the clinic could monitor her health. Neither injury was serious, said the Navarra government, which organizes the annual festivities. One of those gored had received treatment in one of the two operating rooms at the bullring, Sesma said.

A couple of participants expressed concerns that some financial institutions might not be well positioned to weather a rapid run-up in interest rates. Two others emphasized the importance of bolstering the resilience of money market funds against disorderly outflows. And a few stated their view that a prolonged period of low interest rates would encourage investors to take on excessive credit or interest rate risk and would distort some asset prices.

However, others suggested that the recent rise in rates might have reduced such incentives. While market volatility had increased of late, it was noted that the rise in measured volatility, while noticeable, occurred from a low level, and that a broad index of financial stress remained below average. One participant felt that the Committee should explore ways to calibrate the magnitude of the risks to financial stability so that those considerations could be more fully incorporated into deliberations on monetary policy.

Chayote is a small squash that Nicaraguan and Mexicanpeople use in nearly every dish. But they use it cooked. I useit raw and thinly sliced. The DOE calls for improved efficiency across the grid and the strengthening of transmission lines, power plants, oil and gas refineries, and other energy equipment. Greater coordination is needed between governments, industry, and civilians to identify risks and vulnerabilities, and protect against them, according to the report.

It shares the same underpinnings and front end, but is 18cm shorter and has a more upright rear window and more sharply-styled rear quarters. Unfortunately, the Afghans may not accept the imperialist notion of extraterritorialty in which US troops who commit crimes in Afghanistan must be sent to the US for trial. That was the problem that caused the US to leave the sunny, vacation resort of Iraq, and it will cause the US to fail to remain in the winter wonderland known as Afghanistan.

An influential senator was also said to be floating aplan to cut federal spending and reform the U.

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