PRESENCE PLACENTA: Normally the placenta is attached to the area of ​​the uterus body and its lower

For example, a low location of the placenta at 2 cm opening may become partial at 8 cm opening. Одновременно назначаются дезагреганты, препараты, укрепляющие сосудистую стенку, проводится симптоматическая poacenta. Maternal mortality in the placenta previa varies from 0 to 0. The flowing blood is scarlet. The main causes of dystrophic changes in the mucous membrane plscenta the uterus are inflammatory processes chronic endometritisa significant number of anamnesis, abortions, placenta and postpartum septic diseases, uterine fibroids, uterine cavity deformity scars after caesarean section and other operationsanomalies in the development of the uterus, infantilism, congestion in the vessels with previa pathology.

Vasa previa

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