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If you decide to do 2013, make sure you go with a reputable doctor with years of proven excellence. FS laser-assisted lasik surgery The preferred method of removing cataracts in eye developed world is phacoemulsification. The outer layer of the cornea is removed prior to the ablation. Help me get this video to 1, likes!!! The incisions in the cornea appear to be more stable and the surgery more precise than the manual technique, which favors higher optical quality, and more accurate premium intraocular lens centration. FS lasers hold great promise risks their applications are continuing to evolve and expand in ophthalmology.

Risks of Lasik Surgery

This can be done with a mechanical cutting tool called a microkeratome, OR, for a blade-free experience, by a femtosecond laser. An excimer laser is then used to remove some corneal tissue to reshape the cornea. Excimer laser uses cool ultraviolet light beams to vaporize microscopic amounts of tissue in a precise manner to accurately reshape the cornea. The flap is then laid back in place and is allowed to heal. LASIK eye surgery is mostly painless and can be completed within minutes. Improved vision can usually be seen overnight.

PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, was the first type of laser eye surgery for vision correction and is the predecessor to the popular LASIK procedure. Rather, the epithelial cells on the eye surface are simply removed. This is because the epithelium is completely removed in PRK and it takes a few days to regenerate. PRK patients also have more discomfort and haziness of vision in the first few days after the surgery. Improved vision also takes longer to achieve. PRK does, however, offer certain advantages.

Because PRK does not involve creation of a flap, which contains both epithelial and deeper stromal tissue, the entire thickness of the stroma is available for treatment. The treatment range is therefore higher. This is particularly useful for patients with high levels of myopia or for those whose cornea is too thin for LASIK. PRK is also free of flap-related complication risks. Mercola 8 лет назад http: Joseph Mercola, a leading natural health expert and osteopathic physician, talks about natural ways to help improve your vision naturally and why you should avoid eyeglasses, lasik surgery, and other potentially harmful eye treatments.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. Nucleus Medical Media 9 лет назад http: Generalmente, esta parte del procedimiento tarda menos de sesenta segundos. Lavendaire 2 лет назад Let me take you through my entire experience with LASIK before, during, and after the procedure.

I share a lot of information, so below are timestamps for each section. I am not an expert. If you decide to do it, make sure you go with a reputable doctor with years of proven excellence. Follow along and learn how you can create a life that you love. Subscribe to Lavendaire to get inspired by new videos weekly! This is NOT a sponsored video.

All opinions expressed are wholly my own. Brainiac75 3 нед назад Some green laser pointers not only emit a bright green beam but also invisible radiation at a hazardous level! How do we make invisible radiation visible and how do you test your laser for this? Someways - Nicolai Heidlas is licensed under a Creative Commons license https: Here he is — Slick Slime Sam: Why I decided to get Lasik: Be sure to subscribe!!!!

Thank you so much for watching!! I love you guys: Help me get this video to 1, likes!!! It really helps me out. For your own safety, do not use them. For more information, watch this Consumer Update video and read the article at http: If this is not something you want to see I recommend either just skipping through or skipping the entire video and watching my recovery. In theory, the smooth interface should improve visual results. Its superiority over penetrating keratoplasty lies in the fact that the donor graft is transplanted devoid of its main antigenic load, the corneal endothelium.

FS assisted and manual techniques show comparable visual and refractive outcomes at 1 year after the surgery. Thus, less stromal tissue is consumed. FS laser-assisted cataract surgery The preferred method of removing cataracts in the developed world is phacoemulsification. However, the advent of FS lasers has changed cataract surgery profoundly. FS laser-assisted cataract surgery FLACS includes creating manual corneal incisions and anterior capsulotomies, followed by phacoemulsification.

They differ in image capturing, versatility, docking, lens fragmentation patterns, and speed of action, however they are technologically similar. The five platforms are: Despite the good results, some complications have been reported in FLACS, such as suction breaks and capsular block syndrome. The failure in docking technique can also lead to tilting of the capsule and lens, incomplete capsulotomy, capsular tags, and secondary anterior capsule tear formation.

The incisions in the cornea appear to be more stable and the capsulorhexis more precise than the manual technique, which favors higher optical quality, and more accurate premium intraocular lens centration. In addition, low rates of complications are described in FS technology when compared to manual phacoemulsification. However, FS technology will not eliminate the need for modern phacoemulsification, as this is necessary to emulsify hard nuclei, and there is also the issue of higher cost than conventional surgery.

An experimental study has shown that the FS laser can be used to perform sclerotomy for glaucoma therapy. The laser can make extremely precise incisions with a smoother inner surface with less peak power density. The implant is designed to drain aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye into the suprachoroidal space in case of elevated intraocular pressure.

In contrast to any existing glaucoma drainage device, the valve mechanism is located in the anterior chamber and, surrounded by aqueous humor, immune to fibrosis induced failure. Conclusion The FS laser offers a variety of new treatment possibilities in many fields of ophthalmic anterior segment surgery. With regard to surgical outcome and safety, the FS laser seems to have advantages over most mechanical devices. The role of FS laser in corneal surgery is already well established, however, its use in rock-hard cataracts is questionable and requires further evaluation.

Currently, the most important factor limiting the dissemination of the FS laser is its high cost. As with any other technology, competition will likely bring down the cost of the equipment making the price per case less expensive. FS lasers hold great promise and their applications are continuing to evolve and expand in ophthalmology. Footnotes The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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