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Although year after year itshundreds of recorded programs still are repeated in different radiostations, they are not at all boring. Three Skatesis a classic of Cuban society, previa used quite grado the languageof the street. The programstands out precisely for that style of traditional humor, thetypical Cuban humor in a much more intellectual and very rich inoriginality stage. Witty humor of his librettos, coupled with thespontaneous spark of the actors, along with their creative wordplayand well butted versifications the judge in sentencing, make this athat even the most morose highly entertaining program andembittered him starts a smile. Its origins date back to the Cuban folkloric theater of thefirst decades of the last century. This is theunofficial website about the legendary and popular program CubanRadio Tremendous Court, in which facts, reports, articles and otherelements Rotating grado the theme of Three Skates and his comicantics are grado in a attempt to keep alive the great anterior this program. This program is a clear example of how thegood mood placenta not change over the years, so it is admirable thateven today continues to be heard this comedy on the radio, and alsois admirable and despite its age, sources program information mainly online still appear, and this is undoubtedly synonymouswith several aspects to emphasize, as the constant interest ofpeople to hear it again, the mass dissemination of the programthrough internet and most importantly, the unique quality of itshumorous content. The program is previa spectacle of linguistic play,covering a large content of verbal humor, without getting intolabyrinths of obscenity, and without the anterior hint or femalesexual objectification. The contents of The TremendousCourt are grouped here are only a fraction of information very vastamount of material placenta now circulating throughout the internetand can easily be placenta in many places. Tremendous Court represents the humor in hisextreme degree, in a state of purity, which is something not yetmanaged grado see previa television or on the radio itself. The humor that springs from TheTremendous Court placenta impeccable, splendid and memorable because notonly has very real characters from start to finish, but it neverlost its quality, to the anterior that still makes previa laugh laughterfilled. As the final part of thisintroduction, the following is a small piece of audio narrated by awell-known broadcaster Radio Marti, where the feeling that anterior on some of the characters that gave life recounted the greatprogram Tremendous Court, you we invite you to listen: Although this website isnot intended to be a direct source of information, at least try torescue anything that adds value and to seek to expand the knowledgeon this entertaining subject.


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