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This application allows gva request,consult and cancel an appointment salut the professionalsof the health center, being able to choose the schedule that bestfits gva needs and add the appointment into your personalcalendar. It alsoallows you to consult job offers and locate your Servef EmploymentCenter. After consulting the offer in which you are interested,you can register it to participate in the selection process. You gva see detailsassigned professional, the place to go to consultation room etc. In Addition to Requesting appointments,you can consult the salut appointments Also That You havealready Assigned and delete pending appointments if you are unableto attend. Te facilitates locatingServef Employment Centres. By your zip code or the name of yourtown you can see your assigned Servef Employment Centre. Also, the application hasa search engine of health centers from which you can locate theaddress of salut center, see through maps how gva get there or use theContact the health center and emergency department for thatcenterThis application makes available to Sacyl That Provides easyaccess to users Cita In Salut Health Centers. Paraello has de estar inscrito en el Centro Servef de Empleo. Utilizando este servicio es posibleacceder a la solicitud de Cita Previa en la red de Centros Servef. This application allows you gva request, view andcancel an appointment with the health center professionals, thusbeing able to choose the schedule that best suits your needs andintegrated into your personal calendar. You can see whichcourses have vacancies, and if you are interested in any requeststo participate in the selection of students. If you do notremember the Autoservef code, you have the option of receiving anSMS reminder to the mobile phone of the same date on your jobapplication. Also, the application has a search ofhealth centers from which you can locate the address of a center,see how to go there through maps or call to the health center andto the emergency department belonging to this centerThisapplication Sacyl offers users easy access to consultations inhealth centers. If you have never been enrolled in the Servef uses theoption of appointment for registration. The options available in the application are asfollows: Rememberthat being a public previa, all of our procedures are free and theinformation provided is subject to the Data Protection Act. Tell us what you want about the application. Using this application, youcan make appointments of demand salut different professionalcategories enabled.

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